Texas Public Pension Plan Comparison

This data center is meant to provide lawmakers, taxpayers, pension systems, and other stakeholders with current, historical and comparative public pension information. As part of its mission, the Pension Review Board compiles and reviews data from state and local public retirement systems in Texas. This website contains information reported by retirement systems to the PRB.

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This data center contains information reported by retirement systems to the PRB in annual financial reports, actuarial valuations and other studies, and investment and membership reports. The information may not reflect a system’s current status, only its most recently reported information. Deadlines for reporting information vary and may be viewed here. Historical data and trends presented are not intended to predict future events or continuing trends.

The information in this data center is intended to meet the Texas Government Code Section 801.209(a) requirement to post each public retirement system’s most recent data from reports required under Chapter 802, as well as to meet the Section 2054.1265 requirement for state agencies to post high-value data sets created or maintained by the agency on a generally accessible internet website maintained by or for the agency.

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